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Ageing population, hygiene standards driving adult incontinence market

Publish Date: April 2021

According to a research report published by Azoth Analytics in March 2021, the Global Adult Incontinence Market was valued at USD 3590.01 Million in the year 2020. The market is expected to be driven by a growing ageing population and better hygiene standards and increasing awareness about adult incontinence products in sectors of developed countries as well as developing countries.

Adult incontinence isn’t a condition — it’s a symptom of another problem. There are five types of incontinence, and each manifests a little bit differently. Incontinence happens when the muscles that hold in urine or that support bladder weaken enough to let urine leak out. Nerve damage can also prevent brain from getting the message that it’s time to go. Women are more likely to develop stress incontinence than men, in part because pregnancy and childbirth can weaken the muscles that support the bladder.

The pandemic has pushed the demand for adult incontinence products. In light of the pandemic, the R&D strategy has been refocused, to further enhance production efficiency. The pandemic has pushed government to impose the Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18 March 2020 and the MCO has severely impacted business activities and consumer confidence. COVID-19 is an incomparable global public health emergency and hence in the study, the long-term effects are assessed that could impact the industry growth during the forecast period. Technological innovation in adult incontinence products has remained the key factor to success. With the advancement of technology, the adult incontinence products have become better performing, better absorbing capability and thinner.

On the basis of Distribution Channel, the market is segmented into Pharmacy and Drugs stores, Online stores and supermarkets. The Pharmacy segment is anticipated to have dominated the market. The distribution of diapers via supermarkets/hypermarkets channel is expected to grow at moderate pace over the forecast period.  

On the Basis of End Users, Adult Incontinence are used by male and female. Adult incontinence affects more than 33% of older women and 15% of older men. The combined number of affected older adults is more than 20 million (18 million women and 3.4 million men being impacted).

Incontinence products have become the necessity product for those who have bladder leakage problem. This problem is primarily seen in aged population due to decreasing health immunities. Manufacturers have focused on product innovation to absorbency levels, skin friendliness, breathability and odor control of adult incontinence products. The new development of adult incontinence products such as disposable diaper & pads, protective underwear and other products have helped the manufacturers to grow in the market.  

The Azoth Analytics research report ‘Global Adult Incontinence Market (2021 Edition)’ has analysed and segmented the Adult Incontinence Market by Value (USD Million). The report has further analysed the adult incontinence Market by Distribution Channel (Pharmacy and Drug stores, Online stores, Supermarkets), End Users (Male and Female) and Product Type (Diaper, Guards & Shields, Pads & Liners, Wipes, Disposal Bags & Pails, Skin Care Products, Mattress Protectors). The Global Adult Incontinence Market has been analysed By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, LAMEA) and By Country (United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherland, China, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil) for the historical period of 2016-2020 and the forecast period of 2021-2026.


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