Global Robotic Surgery Market Report

Date: 1 August 2019

As stated by the research report published by Azoth Analytics in July 2019, the Global Robotic Surgery Market was valued at USD 6018.73 Million in the year 2018. The market for such ground-breaking medical devices is expected to perceive an amplified growth rate in the coming years.  Driven by several fundamental factors such as swiftly rising adoption of minimally invasive procedures over traditional techniques, surging per capita expenditure on healthcare and rapid medical infrastructural developments, the demand for pioneering medical technology is expected to increase substantively. Nevertheless, the growth in this market is restrained by the high cost of robotic surgery devices and the associated treatment procedures.

The Azoth Analytics research report titled Global Robotic Surgery Market has analysed and segmented the Robotic Surgery Market. The report has further analysed the Robotic Surgery Market by Component Type (Systems, Accessories and Services) and by Procedure Type (Gynaecology Surgery, Urology Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, General Surgery and Others). The Global Robotic Surgery Market has been analysed by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World) and by Country (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, China, India, Japan and Brazil) for the historical period of 2014-2018 and the forecast period of 2019-2024.

Robot assisted surgery or robotic surgery enables the doctors to perform numerous types of multifaceted surgical procedures with more precision, tractability and control than it is ever possible with conventional techniques. Significant factors that have placed the robotic surgery market on a high growth trajectory across the global market include growing investments in medical robots by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, increasing prevalence of chronic infirmities as well as rising consumer preference towards minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Amongst the assortment of various geographical regions, North America robotic surgery market has been outperforming all others. Hefty investments in research and development projects, availability of highly advanced medical infrastructure, elevated penetration of healthcare insurance in addition to remarkably high per capita expenditure on healthcare have been establishing healthy growth opportunities in the North American market. While this region is anticipated to maintain its firm grip on the market, Asia Pacific is expected to advance with the utmost pace in the forecast period. Owing to the existence of gigantic consumer base with mounting pervasiveness of inveterate ailments, the demand of robot assisted surgeries in swiftly emerging economies of China and India is expected to observe vigorous growth in the coming years. What is more, governments of several major countries in this region have been relaxing the regulations related to the private investments in medical industry. This consideration has immensely boosted the confidence of the several private players to invest in the Asia-Pacific robotic surgery market.